It Officially Begins

Skiff America 20, here I come!

DSC00459Well, I guess I’m sort of committed now.

 This is my wife’s Ford F-150 with $1,543 dollars worth of plywood sitting in the back.  I actually purchased 17 sheets instead of the 14 sheets as specified by the plans.  I will be modifying the cockpit to sleep two teenagers and I might be adding another 1/2″ panel to the cockpit floor for increased rigidity.


This is all Okoume B.S. 1088 plywood, the best stuff on earth.  I’ve already spoken to the wood, explaining where we are headed and how I intend to use them most appropriately…for the construction of a Cruising Vessel.  I’ve agreed to be kind and not swear, they’ve agreed to take shape and act upstandingly.  I think we’re all going to get along just fine.


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