Layout Tools

There are a few tools that have really helped me layout all the lines for this build.  I will show the essential tools below and explain their purpose.

DSC00459These tools have proved very helpful:

  1. The 48″ T-square.  This allows me to make perpendicular marks all the way across a sheet of plywood.  This has been extremely helpful to keep the layout lines accurate.
  2. The 36″ straight metal ruler.  Handy for measuring shorter lines.
  3. 12′ tape measure.  Ideal for longer lines, like 96″.  If you are buying this tool for this build, buy a 25′ tape measure.  I already own this 12′ so I’m using it.
  4. 6″ trisquare.  Helpful for scribing short 90 degree markings.
  5. A fat pencil.  Lays down a thicker line you can cut from.
  6. A thin pencil.  For markings that require more accuracy.


The most important of all these tools for me has been the 48″ T-square.  It has made the layout  markings fast and accurate.  It’s so fun to mark this beautiful plywood and watch the lines take shape.  Going from paper to actual wood pieces is a very rewarding process to observe.  You think you have a feel for the proportions, but until you cut the wood you’re never quite sure.  Once you cut, it all starts to make sense.  I’m having a total blast here folks.


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