Skiff America at Hebgen Lake, MT.

Hebgen Lake is a beautiful, large mountain lake minutes out of West Yellowstone.  Jennifer and I spent Friday exploring this beautiful lake.

Check it out:

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 2


The cabin offers tremendous wind protection with the front filler boards in place.  The lap trays worked extremely well for multiple uses.


The No Feed Back Steering system allows you to steer by shifting your weight.  This makes it very handy when motoring.  


Here I’m standing in the cabin footwell, steering by shifting my weight.  This was a lot of fun.


Mountain Dew happens to be my preferred beverage of choice.  


The front cushions provide a great place to kneel.


The bow breastplate is a great place for observing wildlife.  We came upon several large pelican colonies.  



First Mate takes her turn at the wheel.

What I learned:

  1. The boat is extremely versatile.
  2. You can steer from the wheel, or by standing in the cockpit or footwell and shifting your weight.
  3. The bimini is fast to deploy and a must have for sunny days.
  4. Lap trays are very handy for a variety of task when a built-in table is too big.
  5. I motored for 4.5 hours and burned approximately 5.5 gallons of fuel.


This boat is going to be an excellent tool for exploring our mountain lakes.


3 thoughts on “Skiff America at Hebgen Lake, MT.

  1. Congratulations on your launch Brent. Northern Cross looks really cool out there!

    what now? I see you are onto your teardrop camper and I stumbled onto your Micro Adventure blog (unable to comment on it?). Maybe another SCAMP?

    I am trying to spend my free time outdoors while the weather is fair and plan to pick up SCAMP kit in the fall and get down to it.



  2. Randy,

    Great to hear from you. Thanks for the compliments. I really like this boat. It seems to do exactly what it was advertised to do. I think it will give my family a lot of boating experience.

    I’ve also been spending most of my free time cycling with the kids and just hanging out on the deck, enjoying our beautiful weather.

    The Teardrop is on hold. I don’t feel motivated to move forward with it. I’m actually thinking of using the axel to build a new trailer for a future Scamp.

    I can’t seem to shake the Scamp attraction, so I might be joining you this fall for another Scamp build. We’ll see…my wife is still adjusting to this idea. Flathead Lake in MT. would be a great place to do a Scamp rally. Check out the “Flathead Lake Marine Trail” and let me know your thoughts. Camping sites located around this wonderful sailing lake are requiring no reservations if you arrive under human power, like a Scamp sailboat.



    • Flathead Lake Marine looks really interesting. We regularly travel to the Nelson area of the West Kootenays and occasionally pass through Bonner’s Ferry to visit relatives in Idaho. Flathead is maybe two hour drive for us. If there is a SCAMP rally there and I have my SCAMP, I’m in!


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