I’m just an ordinary guy who loves exploring, sailing, cycling, woodworking and photography.


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  1. Heh Brent,
    Really liked your site, good detail, technical instruction, photos. So I’m a small boat sailor, thinking about buildiing a light weight ply motor camping skiff. Skiff America is obviously a top pick. I once had a Drascomb Longboat dory with a 10hp Honda. Similar dimensions, but heavier at 1,000 lbs. Ten horses enabled a satisfying speed, it would plane with just me in the bow, steering by weight shift. Again I’m a gunkholer sailor, speed not so important, quiet is. Wouldn’t a 9.9 hp get her up to 12 mph, improve gas milage, reduce weight, less initial cost, easier to pull off in the winter, etc, etc. My most memorable moments on the water are ghosting around an island at 3 mph and talking in whispers, not blasting down the lake at 20 with discussion nearly impossible.

    The designer didn’t respond to me about putting a free standing mast/sail on it. I think its possible, as the hull design is dory like, similar to a Sea Pearl, which I’ve also owned. When anchored, with the mast horizontally supported on posts at bow and stern, doubling as a tent ridge pole above the bimini, it allows covering the whole boat in shade. It would be a downwind sailor, with leeboards possible if sailing abeam, but mostly use the motor. What you think?


    • Rick, Thanks for the post and comments. My thoughts on the Skiff America are that it’s a might fine boat just the way she is designed. That being said, I think a smaller motor would do just fine. Mine is a little tail heavy and I rarely use all the power. I might suggest a 15 horse or 20 horse…not sure the 9.9 would be enough, but it might. The Skiff does take a lot of side wind due to it’s high sides, and it has no keel hence there is slippage in wind. Steers very different than a sail boat, more like a space ship with thrusters. I would advise against the sail concept, simply feeling a small sail boat would fit this purpose much better. Skiff America is all about simplicity and easy of launching, trailering. Just my 2 cents.


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