Bow Chine Panels


After taking a couple of weeks off, it was really nice to continue this journey of building my own motor cruiser.  The bow panels went on nicely and didn’t give me any trouble.  I applied 4″ glass tape over all the seems after laying the fillet.

DSC00014I rolled another layer of epoxy over the entire lower portion of the bow.  Typically, one would paint or varnish over the epoxy (epoxy contains no UV protection), but in this case there won’t be any UV rays hitting this storage compartment.  So, the lower portion of the bow is now in its finished state (minus the false floor).


Good to be working again.  Love the design of this cruiser.  If you are on the fence (like Matt B.) you should definitely build one of these boats.  I love the process and love watching the boat come into shape.  This is one of the best things I could ever be doing with my time.  Can’t wait to start on the cabin top.


Cabin Chine Panels

It’s amazing how busy one gets during the summer months.  With kids out of school, hikes to be taken and lakes to be paddled, my boat building time has diminished.  Yet, I was able to complete the cabin chines late last night and early this morning.

Take a look!

DSC00532DSC00533DSC00534DSC00535It’s so much fun to remove the temporary frames, thank them for their service and set them aside, never to enter the boat again.  The boat feels so much bigger without them.


I feel a bit like a zombie after staying up late last night to fillet and lay the 2″ tape and then up again early this morning for the 4″ tape.  The timing of these steps can cause one to loose a little sleep.  But now, sleep I will and let the entire structure get harder and harder.  

Cockpit Chine Panels

With summer in full swing, yard work to do and soccer games to attend, my boat building has slowed a bit.  I’m hoping to have my boat ready to turn by July 1st.  Not sure I’ll make that, but that’s the goal.


DSC00504I found these step very straightforward:  

  1. Roll the seams with unthickened epoxy
  2. Lay in all the fillets
  3. Lay 2″ glass over the wet fillet and smooth with your gloved fingers
  4. Lay 4″ glass over the fillet and smooth with your gloved fingers
  5. Come back 8 hours later and roll more epoxy into the weave and
  6. Then go to dinner with your wife


I ran out of wood filler near the end of these steps, so I’ll have to wait for more to arrive before I can proceed to the cabin panels.  It was a blast to remove the cockpit temporary frame, the boat seemed to grow 3 sizes.  

Facing My Fears

Some steps during a build seem to have the psychological advantage over you.  I can’t predict which steps they will be, but they seem to manifest themselves all on their own.   Sort of like character weaknesses.  Installing the chine panels for whatever reason, had me concerned.  After thinking it over for a few days during our family camping trip to Craters National Monument, I was finally ready to try my hand at installing the chine panels.

DSC00508DSC00510DSC00512DSC00515My sequencing went like this:

  1. I first cut the lower aft panel 16-1/4″ wide.  This seemed to cover the gap just about right.
  2. I then tacked the panel into position with a few screws, just to hold it in place.  At this point, the panel overlapped both the top and bottom joints.
  3. I then stepped inside the boat and traced the side panel curve on the chine panel.  This told me exactly where to cut the chine panel to match the curve of the side panel.
  4. I then cut the curve and cleaned up the cut with a hand plane.
  5. I then installed the chine panel, screwing it into the upper panel and into the sole of the boat.
  6. I used Adam’s Clips where needed.  They worked beautifully.
  7. I then cut and rasped the inside protruding screws smooth, so they won’t interrupt my epoxy fillet job to come.


Fear no step in boat building.  If you do fear a step in boat building, move forward slowly and the proper sequencing will come.  Don’t forget to express your concerns with your boat…they become more understanding once they know how you feel.