Construction Frame

The construction frame supports the hull pieces while you align the side panels.

DSC00459I laid out the 2 x 6 and marked where I wanted to cut the dados for the aft cross member.

DSC00464DSC00465DSC00467There are certainly many other ways you could accomplish this joint.  You could also simply buy the metal brackets specified in the plans.  I decided to cut them with hand tools because I was too lazy to install dado blades into my table saw.

DSC00469I first screwed the 33″ cross member to the 16′ 2 x 6 and then added the aft cross member.

DSC00468Don’t forget to cut out the corners of the aft cross member to allow clearance for the chine panels.

DSC00471DSC00470Now shim and confirm 3 times that all cross members are level.

DSC00472I used several pieces to properly support and level the frame.  Once all cross members were level, I marked all shim locations incase I accidentally kick one out of position.


This isn’t hard stuff folks.  If you have ever dreamed of building your own boat, buy Kilburn’s plans and build one with me.  I’ll lead the way and make all the mistakes for you and then show you how I fixed them.