Gear Review: Midori Traveler’s Notebook

DSC00457Do you keep a journal to record your adventures?  If not, I have just the answer for you. DSC00461I’ve had many journals in my life, but none have come close to the quality of the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  Upon unpacking the shipping envelope, I was presented with this tidy bundle of neatness.

DSC00465Opening the envelope revealed a nice cotton cover for the journal.

DSC00476Inside the cover was a nice leather cover, complete with place keeper and retention band to keep the journal closed when not in use.

DSC00473Note to myself

DSC00472I ordered the square-lined page insert.  I never understood why anyone would want square-lined pages, until I tired them.  Now I love this configuration.  It allows me to organize notes vertically and well as horizontally.


Keeping a journal is fun, therapeutic and important.  It’s really neat to look back on past adventures and memories…the friends you met and the places you went.  I love this notebook.  It’s a quality piece of gear that will accompany me on all my adventures of 2016.



Gear Review: Artifact Apron #325-D

We waste so much time reaching for our tape measure, looking up our pencils and crawling under our workbench to retrieve an eraser.  This up and down, back and forth needs to stop.  If I want to do lunges, I’ll go to the gym.

And, it will stop if you learn to wear a shop apron.  This post is a gear review of the Artifact Bag Co. Artisan Apron #325-D.  Hand made in Omaha Nebraska utilizing authentic tight weave cotton, double needle stitching, leather washers and brass grommets.



First off notice the length.  I never liked the evening gown approach…running half way to the floor.  This apron is smartly short in length and doesn’t get in the way when you sit at your bench.

DSC00516The top of the apron is well designed with multiple pockets.  I utilize the top pockets for:  Cell phone (iPhone 6 fits perfectly), and three markers.  One fine mechanical pencil, one fat lead pencil and one sharpie. I use all three of these differently depending what I am marking.  It is very nice to have them all within reach.

DSC00512The bottom right pockets hold my tape measure and eraser.

DSC00513The bottom left pocket holds my 6″ combo square, also referred to as my “truth teller”.

DSC00523To the far right and left, there is another pocket which is perfect for two additional items.  I place a screw driver in the right side and am yet to utilize the left side.

DSC00517The brass grommets are backed with a small leather washer for better support.  All the stitching is robust and industrial quality, like you would have seen 100 years ago.

DSC00461Even the logo is old World looking.  What’s not to love here folks?


  1. Aprons keep you organized
  2. Aprons keep popular hand tools within easy reach
  3. Aprons protect your pants and shirt from stains, dust and debris
  4. Aprons offer some protection from an errant chisel
  5. Finally, aprons are cool and look the part

I am very proud to own this apron.  There is something very appealing about putting it on.  I feel organized, alert and adequately ready to approach my work.   It is very well made and I suspect it will last the rest of my life.  It’s that good.  And, yes, like all my tools, I bought it with my own money.