Completing Upper Stem

After receiving the navigation lights, I rebuilt the upper stem piece to better fit the lights.  I made the entire piece 1″ taller and 1″ deeper.


DSC00482I drilled two holes through the stem.  The smaller hole indexes the lights for proper positioning.  The bigger hole provides room to route the electrical wiring.

DSC00488I then drilled a hole through the bottom to route the wiring below the breast plate.


DSC00498DSC00497DSC00501Once the epoxy sets up, I’ll trim the outer oak stem flush with the top of the upper stem and blend the two pieces together.

DSC00504With the rope running through the smaller hole, down through the breast plate, I can keep it clear of epoxy while things set up.

DSC00505This shows the rope from beneath the breast plate.  I will run the wiring down the inner stem, below the false floor in the bow, then under the bunks in the cabin.


My upper stem is a little different from what the plans show, but it all works.   I’m now ready to build the bow caps.


Shaping and Installing Inner Stem

The stem is comprised of (2) 3/4″ plywood pieces.  After glueing together, you’re ready to shape the inner stem.  But, you can’t shape what you can’t see.  So, I first marked off the areas to be removed using a sharpie.


DSC00474There are 2 different bevels that need to be cut.  One for the 1/4″ panel, the other for the 3/8″ panel.  I used a jack plane and a rasp to make these bevel cuts.

DSC00476After trimming off the front of the hull panel, I screwed a 1/4″ x 3″ lag up through the hull panel, into the inner stem.  The stem is cut 73 degree off plum and begins to defines the skiff shape even further.  This is getting fun folks!

DSC00472The front hull panel needs to be raised so that the front hull doubler is about 2,1/2″ above the construction frame.  This gives the hull a nice classic skiff shape.


This is the dry installation of the inner stem.  I won’t use epoxy until I have checked the alignment with the upper side panels.  I can now focus on finishing up the rear bulkhead, side panels and transom.