Temporary Frame #1

For frame #1, I erased the previous lines on the plywood and sketched out the proper location of all members.

DSC00462Now don’t think I didn’t spread this glue out with my finger.  That would not pass the ‘ham n egger’ standard.  No, my dad would be very disappointed in me if I didn’t spread this out smooth, right up to the edges.

DSC00465This frame goes up near the front of the boat and hence is much taller and narrower than frame #2.


Really easy folks.  Just layout the lines, make your cuts and screw the hole thing together.  I was forced to move a member or two during the process to maintain proper alignment.  As you screw slippery sticks together, things want to move on you.  Just take your time and make any corrections needed.  I love looking at these frames and dreaming of the final hull shape.


Temporary Frame #2

Tempting fate a bit, I decided to build the temporary frame #2…just to see if I could.

DSC00460I traced out the position of all the frame members onto a 1/4″ sheet of plywood.  After carefully checking all the measurements and noting the 1/4″ drop of the lower cross member, I began cutting the frame pieces.

DSC00462Short pieces attach to one side of the frame, with longer pieces attaching to the opposite side of the frame.  Don’t forget the glue, you don’t want these pieces to move on you.

And…there it is!  The aft shape of the hull can easily be seen from this frame.  It is very exciting for me to see the lines take shape.  I’m excited already!!  Now, if I can just get Jennifer (head navigator) to sign off on the purchase of all the plywood and epoxy.  She is still questioning my new drift boat purchase…it hasn’t even been in the water yet.  I know…I have a boat problem and some day I’ll address it.  But for now, “just let me be in love”.